Volume 1, Issue 1, Summer 2005: Gandhi's Salt Satyagraha: Then and Now, The Power to Transform a Culture, Letter to the Editors, Meditation as Education, The Disease Called Violence, Women's Century of Peace, The Israeli Refusnik Movement, The Montgomery Bus Boycott, Badshah Khan: The Muslim Gandhi?, Parting Today's Red Sea in Israel/Palestine, Could Nonviolence Succeed In Iraq?, Breathing Peace

Volume 2, Issue 1, Winter 2006: Cindy Sheehan resists the Iraq war and the Patriot Act, What can you be for when you're against war?, Was Gandhi an Anarchist?, Conflict Transformation in the Middle East, Lebanese People Power Ousts Syria, US Seeks to Crush Nonviolent Resistance in Iraq, Israel/Palestine, The Philippines: A Consistent Ethic of Dignity, Disarming Our Hearts and the World, Constructive Conflict: Students Helping Students, The Promise of Forgiveness, Peace Poetry, and more!

Volume 2, Issue 2, Summer 2006: Women in Nonviolence: a survey of women around the world working for postive change through nonviolent means, Advocating nonviolence in Iraq, Aung San Suu Kyi's Continued Struggle for Democracy,Nonviolence: Does Gender Matter?, Karen Ridd's Nonviolent Miracle, Cultural Disobedience: The Power of the Margins, The Quaker Martyr Mary Dyer, Sister Helen Prejean and "Dead Man Walking:" The Journey to abolish the Death Penalty Continues, September 11, 2006: The 100th Anniversary of Satyagraha, The compassion and power of participating in the vigil for Stanley "Tookie" Williams, Forgiveness and Reconciliatory Process in Sudan, and more!

Volume 3, Issue 1, Spring 2007: Building the Alternative Theme Featuring: Combatants for Peace in Israel/Palestine, Gandhi's Spirit Alive in Student Co-Ops, Standing Up to Domestic Violence, Tent Cities Resist War on the Poor in Richmond, Oakland's Nonviolent Future, Gandhian Economics in African Villages, The Romany Struggle for Dignity and Truth, The Department of Peace, The Declaration of Peace, Peace Games, Why Peace Education?, The "Oasis of Peace" in Israel/Palestine, Movie Review: Paradise Now, Gay Marriage Civil Disobedience, The Nonviolent Principles of Nature, and more!

Volume 3, Issue 2, Fall 2007: A Movement of Meaning in Brazil, Saving the Planet One Meal At A Time, Vandana Shiva: Returning to Earth, Monks Ordaining Trees in Thailand, The People Vs. The Toxic Landfill, Who Speaks For The Trees? UCB's Oak Grove Struggle, Lives Uprooted by Oil, Civil Society and Nonviolence in Korea, Alternative Security, Alternative Services for Tax Dollars, Update on Kucinich's Department of Peace, The Future of the Gandhian Movement in India, Ahimsa Economics: From India to L.A., The Buddha Path & the Gandhian Legacy, The Legacy of Luna, Imagine Coexistence, Blood Diamond, Julia Butterfly Hill, Berkeley and British Petroleum